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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Blog on Applied Mechanics in Industries

A blog on Applied Mechanics in industries may attract considerable interest. The audience will be Applied Mechanics people working in industries, students planning industrial careers, and academics looking for industrial collaborations.

Contributors will be industrial people having ties with the community of Applied Mechanics, and academics having fruitful industrial collaborations. To have a critical mass, we need to build up a team of 10-30 committed contributors. Contributors can also invite their friends to write stories.

On this blog, one can post, for example, challenging problems in industries, broad industrial trends, and cultural difference between industries and universities. Of course, a really technical post should be regarded as a publication, subject to the review process of the contributor's company. We will leave the decision to the individual contributor.

We will first try this Blog. Once we feel it is workable, we will make a link from AMN.


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